Epiphone Les Paul 100

The Epiphone Les Paul 100 is a budget-friendly guitar that uses exceptional tone and also playability. It is constructed from mahogany, Okoume, maple, as well as rosewood. It has a slimmer body, which makes it added comfortable to play when standing or resting.

Les Paul has actually been bet generations by a few of one of the most recognizable guitar players in the background. The Les Paull 100 is a means to bring that style as well as tone to budget-seekers as well as novices.


  • Mahogany body, maple top, rosewood fingerboard, Okoume neck
  • Open-coil humbuckers
  • Solid-body
  • Tone and also volume knobs for each and every pickup
  • Lightweight and slim design
  • Cherry sunburst coating

Epiphone Les Paul 100 – Recap

The Epiphone Les Paul 100 is the perfect newbie guitar. It is magnificently cost-effective with an enjoyable finish and strong construction, causing a playable and comfy lead or rhythm guitar. That is among the most attractive things about Les Paul 100.

The rosewood fingerboard atop an Okoume neck is beautiful to play. Because of its durability versus oils and its smooth coating, Rosewood is the best timber for fingerboards. Likewise, a locking, as well as a tunable bridge, enables you to find the perfect articulation for your guitar so it can remain in tune better.

The mahogany body with a maple top makes this guitar steady and also extremely sustainable. There is no thinning out of the tone at any kind of the point. It is a comfy and smooth guitar to play, whether you’re sitting or standing. Some Les Paul designs are understood to be a little larger. That isn’t constantly a negative point due to the fact that it adds to the sustain and purity of the tone.

Nonetheless, on the Les Paul 100, the body is a little slimmed down, making it lighter than its big brother. You will not quite obtain the degree of suffering that an initial Les Paul can provide you, yet it will still be much better than lots of various other guitars in this rate range.

The Epiphone Les Paul 100 Quality

The Gibson Les Paul is one of the most identifiable guitars in song history. Players like Slash, Jimi Page, as well as Zakk Wylde, among numerous others, have wielded a Les Paul in their days. Gibson developed Epiphone guitars as a way for budget-seekers to get the degree of high quality as well as security that their original brand was giving.

The price of this guitar is one of the standout functions. Several guitars of this high quality and playability will certainly set you back a great deal extra. Obviously, it doesn’t utilize the finest quality products that Gibson is known for. Nevertheless, the high quality you obtain is still remarkable and also pleasing enough to use a wonderful having fun experience.

It has sufficient tonal convenience to be played in any kind of scenario. The 100 does not have quite the degree of worldly quality that some other extra expensive guitars have, but it provides gamers the capacity to have that fabulous Les Paul really feel.

It is furnished with open-coil humbucker pick-ups on the bridge and the neck. Each pickup has tone and volume knobs, permitting you to adjust the noise to exactly what you’re seeking. In the middle position on the toggle button, you obtain a good mix of clean and bright tones as well as cozy, smooth notes.


  • Affordable rate factor
  • Mahogany body, rosewood fingerboard
  • open-coil humbuckers
  • Solid-body
  • Cherry sunburst finish


  • Lower high quality than some Les Pauls
  • Slightly less maintain

Why We Like Epiphone Les Paul 100

The rosewood fingerboard plays smooth as well as comfortable. Whether you’re ripping or playing chords lead lines, it lets you navigate effortlessly along the worries to provide you the playing experience that you’re trying to find. It does not hold you back and also permits you to experience the full variety of tone that Epiphone is proud to offer.

The open-coil humbucker pick-ups offer around and also functional tone. You have a ton of control over the audio you get out of this guitar with the tone and quantity handles for every pickup position. Whether you’re dealing with coming to be a standout lead gamer or you’re interested in being a solid rhythm player, this is a guitar that can provide you every little thing you’re seeking.

Epiphone Les Paul 100
Epiphone Les Paul 100

The Gibson Les Paul is one of the most well-known guitars in songs background. The Epiphone Les Paul 100 is a budget-friendly guitar that uses exceptional tone and also playability. It is constructed from mahogany, Okoume, maple, as well as rosewood. is the best novice guitar. The Epiphone Les Paul 100 is a perfect starter guitar for people who desire a stunning Les Paul. The Epiphone Les Paul 100 offers budget-seeking guitar players a constant touch to their playing without taking too a lot out of pocket. If you’re simply starting out or looking for an outstanding gift for a new guitar player, this might be the best value for cash that you’ll locate in a solid-body electrical guitar.

Epiphone Les Paul 100 To Buy

Even though it is a somewhat slimmer body than a few other Les Pauls, it still offers a decent level of sustain and also tonal stamina. It is a gorgeous guitar, with a cherry sunburst coating, that will certainly stand apart on stage. If you’re simply starting or looking for a superb present for a new guitarist, this might be the most effective worth for the money that you’ll find in a solid-body electrical guitar.

The Epiphone Les Paul 100 is an excellent starter guitar for people who desire a lovely Les Paul. The Epiphone Les Paul 100 deals budget-seeking guitar players a regular touch to their having fun without taking too much expense. The slimmed-down body makes this guitar added comfy to practice on for hours at a time. Whether you’re sitting or standing, you won’t have any type of trouble with obtaining bore down.

Epiphone Les Paul 100

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