Biggest Concerts of All Time

If you are a musician, an enthusiastic music enthusiast, or a regular concert-goer, at some time or an additional you’ve possibly asked yourself “What are the Biggest Concerts of all Time?”

Biggest Concerts of All Time

To save you time as well as address the concern that brought you right here. The Biggest Concerts of all time came at the hands of epic rock artist Rod Stewart. In 1994, Rod Stewart took the stage at Copacabana Beach (Brasil) with 3,500,000 people in attendance. And also simply in case you miscounted the zeros, that is 3.5 Million!

To now, the free New Years’ Eve show holds the Guinness World Record for Largest Open-Air performance. Even more mind-blowing is the reality that some price quotes that the group might have been as big at 4.2 Million. It’s risk-free to say that it’s most likely to take a fair bit to dethrone Sir Rod Stewart for the most significant gig of all time.

Biggest Concerts of All Time

Real-time songs are available in lots of types. From road edges as well as dive bars, where local musicians are attempting to go far for themselves. To amphitheaters as well as ballrooms with interesting phase configurations, light shows, as well as an extra polished sound mix.

These sorts of settings provide an excellent intimate experience for concert-goers as well as performers alike, nevertheless, there’s nothing quite like a substantial landing field or a stuffed arena loaded. Even more People, More Energy, even more epicness!

Biggest Concerts of All Time Criteria

For this listing, we determined to concentrate entirely on ticketed performances. It’s not that we do not like totally free performances or festivals, however, there is no consistent metric to base the numbers off of.

This listing for biggest concerts of perpetuity includes ticketed only performances for a solitary band/ musician. No songs events (pay to see various bands), and no free performances (any person can stumble over to the show) were consisted of. We figured it suggests a lot more if you got skin in the impressive and also the game performance is placed on for one band/ artist.

Also, Just to be clear, Rod Stewart’s Copacabana beach concert does not make our list because it was free. Nevertheless, if you are seeking the greatest show no matter whether or not it is complimentary, there you have it!

Biggest Concerts of All Time
Biggest Concerts of All Time

Listing of the Biggest Concerts of All Time

Ok, let’s get on with it and find out what the most significant songs show in history are. Below is a graph highlighting the biggest jobs of all time that includes the band/ musician, year, place, excursion title, and also attendance. Listed below that, we dive a little bit deeper right into the information of each show.

  1. July 1, 2017, Vasco Rossi 225,173 Parco Enzo Ferrari Modena
  2. June 28, 2005, Bijelo Dugme 220,000 Belgrade Hippodrome Belgrade
  3. July 31, 1999, Glay 200,000 Makuhari Messe Chiba
  4. April 21, 1990, Paul McCartney 184,000 Maracanã Stadium Rio de Janeiro
  5. January 16, 1988, Tina Turner 180,000 Maracanã Stadium Rio de Janeiro
  6. January 26, 1980, Frank Sinatra 175,000 Maracanã Stadium Rio de Janeiro
  7. September 10, 2005, Luciano Ligabue 165,264 Aeroporto di Reggio Emilia Reggio Emilia
  8. July 19, 1988, Bruce Springsteen 160,000 Radrennbahn Weissensee Berlin
  9. September 19, 2015, Luciano Ligabue 151,395 Aeroporto di Reggio Emilia Reggio Emilia
  10. September 20, 1997 U2 150,000 Aeroporto di Reggio Emilia Reggio Emilia
  11. March 20, 1981, Queen 131,000 Estádio do Morumbi São Paulo
  12. August 29, 1987, Madonna 130,000 Parc de Sceaux Paris
  13. August 5, 1995, The Rolling Stones 126,742 Strahov Stadium Prague
  14. September 11, 1988, Michael Jackson 125,000 Aintree Racecourse Liverpool and September 7, 1996, Michael Jackson 125,000 Letná Park Prague
  15. August 10, 1996, Oasis 125,000 Knebworth Park Stevenage and August 11, 1996, Oasis 125,000 Knebworth Park Stevenage

Lets read……Biggest Concerts of All Time

15. Oasis at Knebworth (1996)– 125,000 individuals

The most significant gig for one of the biggest bands of the ’90s. The Britpop rock n’ roll stars from Manchester played 2 shows at Knebworth Park in Hertfordshire, England during the summer of 1996 Sanctuary was greater than simply a brand name for the UK (still is). They were a mindset, a sensation of a whole nation, especially during their prime in the ’90s. “This is the background, this is history, right here, now. This is the background”, Noel Gallagher, the lead guitarist, and songwriter for the group said loudly as they took the stage on night 2.

Liam Gallagher, the lead vocalist and also frontman of Oasis, took the stage and stated: “I wanna hear ya, are yer mad for it?”. Undoubtedly England was mad about it. 4.5% of the UK’s population applied for the tickets. That’s about 3 million individuals Sufficient to sell out over a week’s well worth of jobs with 125,000 people at each. Biblical to say the least.

Oasis Performs Champagne Supernova at Knebworth 1996.

Biggest Concerts of All Time

14. Michael Jackson in Prague (1996)– 126,000 people.

The King of Pop’s very first performance to make the listing of the biggest programs of all-time. For the opening program for his HIStory World Tour, Jackson carried out before a tremendous 125,000 followers in Letná Park. Letná Park lies along the Vltava River in Prague, Czech Republic.

Michael Jackson Prague 1996 Full Concert

Biggest Concerts of All Time

Michael Jackson in Liverpool (1988)– 127,000

Michael’s 2nd performance to make this listing slipped by his previous number of individuals by a plain 1,000 individuals. His program at the Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool England is available at # 13 on our checklist at 127,000 individuals.

Michael Jackson’s Biggest Concert of all time

” I have actually constantly taken into consideration Liverpool the residence of contemporary popular song, by virtue of its being the birthplace of the unparalleled Beatles,” he claimed. At the elevation of his prime, the King supplied once more for what turned out to be the largest target market he ever before did for.

13. The Rolling Stones in Prague (1995)– 127,000

Switching over equipment from pop to excellent antique classic rock, we head back to Prague. Right here the “Greatest Rock n’ Roll Band worldwide”, the Rolling Stones played an epic show in front of 127,000 show attendees.

It ought to be no surprise The Stones made our checklist as they have been selling out arenas because of the ’70s. Nevertheless, it was a surprise to us that it was only as soon as, as this was The Rolling Stones’ biggest group the band had actually ever before played for (ticketed event). The Prague performance at Strahov Stadium came throughout the Voodoo Lounge Tour on August 5th, 1995.

12. Madonna in Paris (1987)– 130,000

The “King of Pop” had two of his programs make the checklist, but the “Queen of Pop” bordered him out with a larger crowd. Madonna was similarly as large as Michael Jackson throughout the late ’80s. Her “Who’s that Girl Tour” was 38 shows around the world as well as showcased an experienced as well as extra confident phase presence from Madonna.

The show at Parc de Sceaux, France was gone to by 130,000 people. Madonna’s biggest crowd ever at the height of her popularity.

Biggest Concerts of All Time

11. Queen in Sao Paulo (1981)– 131,000

On March 20th, 1981, one of, otherwise the greatest frontman of all time, Freddie Mercury lead Queen out onstage in Estádio do Morumbi.
The arena in Sao Paulo, Brasil was packed with 131,000 wild fans the majority of whom were seeing Queen do live for the very first time! Mercury’s Godly stage presence was on full screen as he and the band were lights out as always! Oh, and by-the-way, they repeated to back here too. Complete attendance was ~ 251,000 people in 2 nights.

10. U2 in Reggio Emilia (1997)– 150,000

The Mighty U2 can be found in on the checklist at # 9 for their enormous show in Reggio Emilia The relatively village in Northern Italy played host to the largest concert crowd U2 has actually ever before played for (the non-festival crowd that is!).

The event took place on September 20th, 1997 at Aeroporto di Reggio Emilia for U2’s PopMart Tour of 1997.

U2 PopMart Tour– Reggio Emilia.

Biggest Concerts of All Time

9. Luciano Ligabue in Reggio Emilia (2015)– 151,395

Now having just detailed U2’s 1997 gig at Reggio Emilia you might know with the venue, but unless you’re Italian your probably have not heard of the next artist.

Well, in my opinion, is you’re doing a performance with over 150,000 people you’re sort of a big deal. Luciano Ligabue is Italy’s most famous rock star. He rose to popularity throughout the ’90s and has been preferred since.

8. Bruce Springsteen in Berlin (1988)– 160,000

In charge makes his only look on the listing of Biggest Concerts of All Time for his job in Berlin in 1988. Before a tremendous 160,000 people, in what was an extremely troubled time in Berlin (Cold War/ Berlin Wall), Bruce Springsteen, as well as the E-Street Band, did what they do best.

The band brought it for 3 hours. In the middle of the show, Bruce stepped up to the mic and also had some words for the large group. “I wish to inform you I’m not here for or against any type of government,” Springsteen claimed, as he specifically presented his rendition of the Bob Dylan ballad Chimes of Freedom. “I came to play rock ‘n’ roll for you East Berliners in the hope that a person day all the obstacles will certainly be torn down.”

Bruce Springsteen– Chimes of Freedom– East Berlin 1988

Biggest Concerts of All Time

It actually puts it in perspective just how music goes beyond time as well as national politics, as well as really form bonds between individuals. His efficiency of Born in the U.S.A is additionally notable from this show!

7. Luciano Ligabue in Reggio Emilia (2005)– 165,264

Well, would not you recognize it the Italian Rock star Luciano Ligabue makes one more appearance on the listing? Turns out this guy is also a bigger deal than we initially pointed out. This record-breaking performance crowd occurred at the exact very same area as his gig in 2015, as well as almost exactly 10 years prior.

The only difference was the crowd considering that. Ligabue had around 15,000 more people present for his 15th-anniversary show in 2005 than his 2015 gig. Regardless, it’s secure to say that Italy, Reggio Emilia in particular, likes this man!

6. Frank Sinatra in Rio de Janeiro (1980)– 175,000

We are lastly at the top 5 most significant shows of all-time. We split right into the top 5 with among one of the most successful artists in modern song history– Frank Sinatra. Sinatra is just one of the very popular musicians of all-time, having actually marketed ~ 150 million documents. He was likewise understood for his acting, winning a gold world for his performance in 1957 traditional “Pal Joey”.

By 1980, Sinatra was already 10 years retired, nonetheless like most musicians, he had a little a return period throughout the 1970s. That would have assumed his most significant show ever before comes in the twilight of his occupation? Well, I guess it’s not all that surprising seeing as people freak out for stuff like that!

Largest Live Paid Audience Ever for a Solo Performer

Anyhow, Sinatra executed at the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro on January 26th, 1980 before 175,000 individuals. At the time it broke the record for the “largest live paid audience ever before videotaped for a solo performer”.

5. Tina Turner in Rio de Janeiro (1988)– 180,000

8 years after Frank Sinatra beautified the staged at Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Tina Turner topped him. An additional 5,000 people were videotaped at Turners gig in Rio, breaking Frank’s record. The R&B Legend beautified the crowd of 180,000 solid with her flawless vocals as well as phase existence for an evening they would certainly never forget!

Tina Turner Live in Rio 1988 Full Concert

Biggest Concerts of All Time

4. Paul McCartney in Rio de Janeiro (1988)– 184,000

One more record-breaking group at the very same location for # 4 on the list of Biggest Concerts of All Time. 2 brief years after Tina Turner played Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Sir Paul McCartney appeared to the event and also played in front of 184,000 individuals. The former Beatle put on a stellar efficiency as constantly.

Paul McCartney Live in Rio 1990 Full Concert

Biggest Concerts of All Time

3. Glay in Chiba (1999)– 200,000

Our very first performance on the listing to reach 200,000 ticketed participants. For those of you that do not know, Glay is a Japanese rock band that formed in 1988. They have marketed over 50 million records throughout their career and also are just one of the very best marketing musicians of all-time in Japan.

On July 31st, 1999 Glay took the stage at Makuhari Messe (Convention Center) in Chiba, Japan in front of 200,000 people for the Glay Expo ’99 Survival. The audience of 200,000 broke the world document for the largest ticketed performance for a single act!

2. Bijelo Dugme in Belgrade (2005)– 220,000

Bijelo Dugme was a Yugoslav rock band that was active from 1974 to 1989. The band went to the forefront of Yugoslavia’s emerging new wave scene in the early 1980s, stays one of the most essential rock bands in the nation’s background.

In the middle of political as well as social tensions in Yugoslavia in the late ’80s, the team disbanded leaving a huge tradition behind. 25 years later on the band for a get-together show in the resources city of Belgrade at the Belgrade Hippodrome. The get-together show drew participation approximated at 220,000 for the precious band!

1. Vasco Rossi in Modena (2017)– 225,173 the Biggest Concerts of All Time.

Finally, we have actually reached the # 1 place on our list for the biggest concerts of all time. Currently, as we mentioned at the starting it is important to note that this list consists of separately ticketed acts as well as not event groups.

Biggest Concert of All Time for Individually Ticketed Event

The greatest and Biggest Concerts of All Time occurred at Parco Enzo Ferrari in Modena, Italy on July 1st, 2017 The artist; Vasco Rossi. For sure take a look at the video clip below– the group size almost inconceivable!

Vasco Rossi Modena Park Full Concert 2017.

Biggest Concerts of All Time

Rossi is an Italian singer-songwriter that has actually released 30 albums and also marketed over 35 million CDs over the course of his profession. He introduced his retired life from visiting in 2011, however as we’ve specified before “every person loves a reunion concert”. Why would it be any type of various for Vasco?

In 2017, he celebrated the 40th year of his profession with a huge show in front of 225,173 performance guests in Modena. This program broke every previous record on our listing of Biggest Concerts of All Time! Almost a quarter-million individuals in one place, at once, paying attention to one act! It doesn’t grow then that (as of 2019).

Conclusion Biggest Concerts of All Time

I hope you enjoyed the list of greatest performances or a list of Biggest Concerts of All Time. If you have any kind of ideas or comments, or if we’ve made a mistake, feel free to drop us a line on our call web page!

The Biggest Concerts of all time came at the hands of fabulous rock artist Rod Stewart. To this day, the complimentary New Years’ Eve concert holds the Guinness World Record for Largest Open-Air concert. The King of Pop’s first show to make the list of the greatest shows of all-time. An additional record-breaking group at the very same place for # 4 on the list of biggest concerts of all time. In 2017, he celebrated the 40th year of his career with a huge performance in front of 225,173 concert attendees in Modena.

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