Short-Scale Bass Guitars

Short-Scale Bass Guitars is an exceptionally awesome part of the electric bass. The ancestral tree that is commonly criminally ignored. We normally think of basses as big, lengthy instruments, which they are. But a Short-Scale Bass Guitars has its very own distinct set of beauties to offer.

Short-Scale Bass Guitars

Shorties are great for bass gamers of smaller dimensions that aren’t physically comfy on a full-blown instrument. They are much easier to play than something modeled on an old P-Bass with a neck like a felled tree. This likewise makes them an excellent option for guitar players who require to track or play bass components.

While not the very best basses for those utilizing drop adjustings. There isn’t much a sonic difference contrasted to a longer bass when tuned to E.

Short-Scale Bass Guitars
Short-Scale Bass Guitars

Today, we are most likely to help you locate the best short-scale bass guitars for your requirements. As well as applications and needs.

5 Best Short-Scale Bass Guitars at a glance-

Ready? Below we go!

1. Epiphone EB-0 Electric Bass Guitar, Cherry Red

It is tough to go wrong with the Epiphone EB-O Electric Bass. The original Gibson variations from the 1960s were affordable. And also preferred way to get great bass tones in a smaller ax in the old days. As well as this Epi version is exactly the exact same in today’s day.
The styling and sound of these are overall throwbacks to yesteryear and quickly give off that fuzzy. And also cozy bass sound from your preferred old records.

The EB-O features a sculpted mahogany body with a bolt-on Mahogany neck with a Rosewood fingerboard. That wood mix, paired with the single SideWinder bass humbucker in the neck set. It is where all that warmth gets produced. Hardware is chrome all the way around and also includes a fully-adjustable bridge.

The EB-O is easy as well as light to play, thanks to its 30.5-inch scale size. (Which is the distance from the nut to the bridge saddle). And the classic SG body style makes high fret access an attractive thing. Guitar players increasing on bass might discover among these to be all they will certainly ever before need.

Short-Scale Bass Guitars


Super playability!
Easy on the shoulder and back!
Timeless audio and design!


Not much treble to be had.
It might be also easy for ultra-modern gamers.

2. Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Mustang Beginner

The Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Short-Scale Bass Guitars is a great-sounding shorty. With an amazing appearance that harkens back to the surf songs age.
It positively exudes that flashy/trashy garage rock coolness that makes pulses pound. Countered body designs similar to this have been accepted by the choice. As well as indie rock scenes have given that the 90s. Nevertheless, so you will not appear like an oldies gamer when slinging one of these.

The Jaguar sporting activities a Maple neck with a Laurel fretboard linked to a Basswood body.

Pickups are of the P/J variety which makes this little beast with the ability. To dial in any kind of required bass tone this side of modern metal.

Each pick-up has its very own Volume knob and also there is one master’s Tone control. Nice as well as basic, as Leo intended. These points are a blast to play, sound excellent, look great. As well as Squier requires to send me one currently.

Short-Scale Bass Guitars


Superstar excellent appearances!
Great deals of audios at hand!
Playable and lightweight!


Not terrific for steel as well as larger styles.
It could be also showy for some gamers.

3. Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar, Right, Brown Sunburst

You wanna get little, man? Have I got the bass for you!
The Ibanez GSRM20BS Short-Scale Bass is a complete runt with a range length of just 28.6 inches. That is simply a bit longer than an ordinary electrical guitar. As well as makes this blaster deliver a lot of warmth in a small package.

This is a bass perfectly matched for smaller sized or more youthful gamers, guitar players. Those in tiny studio spaces, or any person else that desires a lightweight instrument that still loads a punch. It rocks a Poplar body with a regular Maple/Rosewood neck, chrome hardware. Which P/J pick-up configuration we all love so much.

This is most likely to be the desired instrument for plenty of people. It places superior bass appears in small hands, on negative backs, and also in-home studios at an unsurpassable price. Lots of short-scale basses are based on classic layouts. However, this Ibanez is a contemporary shorty that will certainly interest the tiny-but-current crowd. Hot stuff, without a doubt.

Short-Scale Bass Guitars


Super small!
P/J pickup collection!


It might perhaps be TOO small for some individuals.

4. Hofner IGNITION SB Electric Violin Short-Scale Bass Guitars

Short-scale Hofner basses were made popular as well as everlasting by four long-haired men from Liverpool in the 1960s. And also they are still a great choice for anybody seeking an old-school shorty.
The Hofner HOF-HI-CB-BK Bass Guitar is an instant ticket to the tried-and-true. Yet it can likewise produce new sounds in the right hands. It has a hollow Maple body with a Spruce top, a Maple neck with a Rosewood fretboard. As well as 2 70s-style Hofner “staple” pick-ups. Certainly, it additionally has the famous Hofner control board that includes On/Off buttons for every pick-up. A Solo/Rhythm switch, as well as private volume controls.

This is an ideal base for anyone seeking the vintage Hofner sound and beauty without looking like Paul McCartney. Which matters to some individuals. His violin-shaped Hofner is so famous that it’s tough to play one beyond a Beatle tribute program. This is one more tool with significant garage band/indie coolness built-in. And also makes a worthwhile competitor for anybody searching for something a little previous standard.

Short-Scale Bass Guitars


Light and hollow!
2 pickups!
Garage band cred for days!


Looks: love ’em or leave ’em!
One more one not actually suited to steel styles.

5. Dean Evo XM Mahogany Short-Scale Bass Guitars, Electric Bass

The Dean Evo XM Short-Scale Bass is among the rockers. You wanna be a shorty metal bassist? This is your new trip.
The Evo is another Mahogany-bodied bass yet with 2 high-output humbucking pick-ups. That will certainly pump plenty of electrical power right into your cottage. The 30-inch range makes it easy to get around on and also. Once more makes this an excellent bass for rock guitar players needing to go lower.

The look of the Evo is strictly rock-and-roll, with a satin surface and black hardware. This is one serious-looking instrument that will certainly increase your phase existence immeasurably. The Dean brand name has been related to rock-and-roll because the day it was birthed. As well as the Evo XM certainly continues that household tradition.

Short-Scale Bass Guitars


A piece of full-on rock equipment!
Extremely lightweight!
2 humbuckers!


All metal, regularly.

While not the finest basses for those utilizing drop adjustings. There isn’t a lot a sonic difference contrasted to a much longer bass when tuned to E.

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Final Thoughts

Today, we are reviewed to help you find the best short-scale bass guitars for your needs and applications. It puts superior bass sounds in small hands, on negative backs. As well as in-home studios at an unequaled price. Many Short-Scale Bass Guitars are based on vintage layouts.

But this Ibanez is a modern-day shorty that will appeal to the tiny-but-current group. The Hofner HOF-HI-CB-BK Bass Guitar is an instantaneous ticket to the tried-and-true. Yet it can likewise produce brand-new sounds in the ideal hands. The Dean Evo XM Short-Scale Bass Guitars is one of the rockers.

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