Best Electric Guitars Under 1000

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If you prepare to spend $1000 you want the best electric guitar you can get your hands on. It could amaze you to recognize there are some classic guitars out there with functions. That brings their price tags into your budget plan variety. There are gems to be found the Best Electric Guitars Under 1000 if you are ready to do some study.

With any luck, I can make your life a little simpler with this shortlist of some of the most effective Best Electric Guitars Under 1000. You’ll see some names as well as designs you identify. Provided in a new way by some really clever gear makers. You could likewise see a few surprises thrown in.

If you adhere to your budget plan you can grab a quality tool that is good enough for the stage. Or workshop and also will stick with you for decades. As you’ll see, there is a reason these are several of the most preferred guitars on the planet!

Best Electric Guitars Under 1000
Best Electric Guitars Under 1000

Keep in mind, also the men in your favored bands that have those high-profile gear recommendation bargains. Didn’t begin playing expensive guitars. Much like you and me, they used the best guitars they might discover for the money. A thousand dollars is ample to hook you up with a great seeming instrument.

Right here are ten tools made by the leading guitar brand names on the planet. You should have the ability to grab each of them new for under $1,000 as of this update.

Top 10 Best Electric Guitars Under 1000.

Right here is my listing of the most effective best electric guitars under 1000

  1. Fender Player Stratocaster
  2. Epiphone Les Paul PlusTop PRO
  3. ESP LTD EC-1000
  4. PRS SE Custom 24
  5. Schecter Hellraiser C-1
  6. Charvel San Dimas therefore Cal
  7. Fender Player Telecaster
  8. Jackson SL2 Pro Soloist
  9. Ibanez S Series S521 Electric Guitar
  10. Gibson SG Tribute

Below you can locate even more details for each guitar on my listing. Remember that costs and also specs modification. While I do my finest to keep whatever accurate. Please make certain to examine the maker sites for the latest details on their gear.

1. Fender Player Stratocaster

The Fender Stratocaster is a traditional guitar that requires to be stated in any type of conversation of state-of-the-art instruments. Yet a brand-new one will certainly press you over the thousand-dollar budget plan. There are plenty of copies out there, however, why not go with an actual Fender? Because you can.

The Player Stratocaster is definitely among the most effective electric guitars under $1000 you’re going to discover. It is made in Mexico, as well as it replaced the cherished Standard Series MIM Stratocaster. Fender made a few upgrades to the pick-ups are equipment. And also the outcome is an affordable Stratocaster that matches the genuine deal for a fraction of the rate.

Lots of players take into consideration the Fender Stratocaster the finest well-rounded guitar out there. Because of its vast range of pick-up combinations. The Player variation is no different. With upgraded Alnico V pick-ups this thing just exudes Strat mojo.

The bridge is a great upgrade from the old Standard Series too. Fender constantly used a vintage 6-point bridge below, yet with the Player Stratocaster. We see a 2-point tremolo, comparable to what’s you would certainly locate on an American Strat.

It’s difficult to locate a far better worth than the Fender Player Stratocaster. These guitars are actual Fenders for very budget-friendly costs, as well as they appear great. They offer the USA-made Fender Professional Stratocaster a run for its money.

Look into the Player Series Stratocaster.

Best Electric Guitars Under 1000

Pros: This point will certainly appear adequate to make you forget it’s not an American Strat. You can constantly update later on.
Cons: People will always compare your Player Strat to an American Strat. Do you care? You should not.
Note: There are a bunch of designs with various pick-ups configurations in the Player Series. As well as also one with a Floyd Rose tremolo. Check them out!

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2. Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop PRO

The Gibson Les Paul is one of my all-time favorite guitars, and Gibson has truly stepped it up just recently. With a couple of wonderful Les Paul Standards in their lineup. Based upon traditional guitars from the ’50s as well as ’60s.

Still, a brand-new Les Paul Standard is available in around the $2,500 mark. That’s a little high for some players, and it does not fit into our allocate this evaluation.

Go Into the Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop PRO Epiphone is had by Gibson. As well as makes extra affordable variations of Gibson’s epic tools. Do not allow that fool you right into assuming that Epiphones aren’t for serious players.

There are numerous resemblances between Epiphone and also Gibson here. Both instruments are made with the traditional Les Paul tonewood account of a mahogany body. As well as a mahogany neck. Nevertheless, the Epi has a thinner maple veneer as opposed to a thick maple cap over the body of the guitar. Both guitars feature a 24.75″ scale length as well as a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard, together with tune-o-Matic bridges.

There are a couple of distinctions also, and I assume the most significant is the pick-ups. Since this writing, the 1950s as well as 1960s Gibson Les Pauls function Burstbucker 1/2. And also Burstbucker ’61 pickups, specifically. I have Burstbuckers on my Gibson Les Paul, and also, in my opinion, they are exceptional pick-ups.

The Epi Les Paul, on the other hand, includes Epiphone’s ProBucker pick-ups. While they aren’t quite up the Gibson level, they are excellent pick-ups. As well as pretty darned near to Gibson criteria. I utilized to say the pickups were the largest disadvantage to Epiphone Les Pauls. But I do not believe that’s true anymore.

Extra on the Les Paul Standard PlusTop PRO.

Best Electric Guitars Under 1000

Pros: It’s good to see Gibson using a super-affordable. Les Paul even if it does have the name Epiphone on the headstock!
Disadvantages: It’s not a Gibson, yet remember it is available in around a third of the expense.
Keep in mind: If you can discover one. You could additionally take a look at the Les Paul Studio Faded T from 2016. This was a great guitar, as well as I’m thankful I got one while I could the Best Electric Guitars Under 1000.

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3. ESP LTD EC-1000

The ESP LTD EC-1000 is one of my preferred options for the Gibson Les Paul. Because ESP does a great job of adding some features to their guitars that Gibson could never ever attempt. In this instance, it’s a set of active EMG pickups: an EMG 81 in the bridge. And also EMG 60 in the neck. This is a legendary pickup mix. And paired with the already incredible tonal qualities of the EC-1000 will draw out some terrific sounds.

Look into the EC-1000 line in general. But if you have $1,000 to invest you might wish to consider this poor boy. It’s something like a Les Paul however with that said trademark ESP custom-made ambiance to it. Extremely awesome.

With its contemporary take on a classic design. The ESP LTD EC-1000 offers guitarist in all categories a solid option when it involves single-cutaway, dual humbuckers electric guitars.

It has the audio for any style of music. But for acid rock as well as metal gamers, it might be the ultimate weapon.

Hear the ESP LTD EC-1000T/ CTM.

Best Electric Guitars Under 1000

Pros: The ESP Eclipse is an unbelievable guitar. And also this LTD rendition is a wonderful version for under a grand.
Cons: Because it’s sandwiched someplace between a Les Paul and something much more modern-day. Guitar players who are sticklers for practice might not dig the EC-1000.
Keep in mind: The ESP LTD EC-1000 is readily available in several versions with various pick-ups and also surfaces. There are versions with Duncan as well as DiMarzio pick-ups as well if you don’t like EMGs.

4. PRS SE Custom 24.

The PRS SE schedule offers fans of PRS guitars. A way to have a few of their timeless layouts without the traditional cost. The SE Custom is just one of their leading offerings, as well as extremely inexpensive. In fact, at one time it made the top of my listing for best guitars under $750.

You can still grab one for around that price. Though depending on the finish and hardware rates can be a little bit greater. Don’t worry though; you’ll still remain under your thousand buck budget.

I’ve always liked the feel of PRS guitars. They have a different range length compared to both the Les Paul and also Stratocaster. And the carved tops are amazing. The SE Series actually does a terrific work of bringing every little thing players to enjoy. Regarding PRS to another degree of the guitar player.

Like the PRS Custom, the SE version features a mahogany body and a mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard.

More on the PRS SE Custom 24.

Best Electric Guitars Under 1000

Pros: Great develop top quality as well as style in an inexpensive guitar. The PRS SE Custom 24 is a strong option for the PRS Custom 24 for players on a spending plan.
Disadvantages: The major competition for the PRS SE schedule is the Epiphone. Guitars that generally set you back a few hundred bucks less.
Note: The PRS SE Custom is likewise readily available in a Floyd Rose design. As well as it is a Best Electric Guitars Under 1000.

5. Schecter Hellraiser C-1.

For a long while, I have said Schecter guitars might be the very best worths in the music globe. They are well made, as well as feature consultations seldom located on guitars under a thousand bucks.

The C-1 is a gorgeous physique, as well as Schecter, which puts out some terrific alternatives including this style. Directly, I’ve never ever played a Schecter I really did not such as, and the Hellraiser follows in that tradition.

The Hellraiser is a guitar that looks like it seems, despite quite bindings and also surfaces. The mahogany body with a maple top permits deep resonance as well as clearness. And also the maple/walnut neck is rock solid.

Include a TonePros tune-o-Matic bridge, string-thru-body layout, and securing tuners as well as this thing is constructed like a container. The active EMG 81/89 pick-up established finishes the total plan.

Take a look at the Schecter Hellraiser Series.

Best Electric Guitars Under 1000

Pros: Schecters are constantly terrific guitars, and strong to the core. The EMGs are the crowning achievement.
Cons: The ambiance of this guitar might be a little extreme for some genres. Though it can no question get the job done.
Note: The Hellraiser is offered in a number of various designs and each differs slightly from the summary over. There is also a version with a Floyd Rose tremolo. That will still be found in the Best Electric Guitars Under 1000 spending plan.

6. Charvel Pro Mods: San Dimas and So Cal.

I like single-cutaway guitars made in the Les Paul-mold. In fact, I enjoy all guitars, from acoustics to pointy-shaped metal equipment. But, when I am really straightforward with myself, I have to admit that the guitars I love most are Stratocasters. I recognize I am not the only one!

Fender Strats are awesome, however, if you want an absolutely hot-rodded, tricked-out, Strat-style guitar take a hard consider Charvel. This is the business that took hard rock and steel by the tornado in the ’80s. Just to fade out when grunge ended up being preferred, and also guitar solos became passé.

All good ideas come around once more. And once more the San Dimas Strat is just one of the most effective guitars for shredders. It appears Charvel is getting more powerful every year. With remarkable visits like Seymour Duncan pickups, Floyd Rose tremolos and fast. One-piece quartersawn maple necks the glory days of shred are back once again.

Listen To the Charvel Pro-Mod San Dimas Style 1 HH.

Best Electric Guitars Under 1000

Pros: Quality visits, as well as build, make the San Dimas and So-Cal amongst the most effective electric guitar values. They are built for accuracy, and if you desire a hot-rodded Strat-style guitar this is the method to go.
Cons: These guitars absolutely have an ’80s hard-rock ambiance. To me, that’s a good thing, as well as it’s good to see these styles returning. Yet it may transform some players off.
Note: There are several designs of San Dimas, therefore, Cal in the Charvel schedule. So ensure you examine them all out prior to choosing.

7. Fender Player Telecaster. Best Electric Guitars Under 1000

Some gamers like the Fender Stratocaster, however, for others, it’s everything about the Telecaster. Fender has you covered in any case with the Player Series.

The Fender Player Series Telecaster follows the exact same wise building and construction approach as the Strat. They are made in Mexico like the old Standard Series Telecaster. And also include quality parts where they count, minor downgrades where possible. And an overall bundle that appears and also looks terrific.

This guitar integrates contemporary parts like upgraded Alnico V single-coil pick-ups. And a 6-saddle bridge, together with timeless Tele staples like an Alder body with maple neck. As well as the fingerboard.

Keep in mind that both the Player Telecaster and also Stratocaster are readily available with a maple fingerboard. However, rosewood is no more an alternative. Rather look for pau metal, a good rosewood alternative.

Listen To the Fender Player Tele.

Best Electric Guitars Under 1000

Pros: This is a pretty outstanding Telecaster for the money. Fender has a few different models under a grand. However, in my viewpoint, this is the very best you are most likely to do.
Cons: Pretty much the same as the Strat. The bottom line is this is a budget-friendly Telecaster with some remarkable functions. It’s not a Professional Series guitar, yet it is still a darned good guitar.

8. Jackson SL2 Pro Soloist. Best Electric Guitars Under 1000

The Jackson Soloist is a traditional, and one of my favored guitars of perpetuity. Born in the ’80s, it is probably the best Super Strat. From classic rock to extreme steel, the Jackson Soloist has actually made its mark.

You can go down a great deal of money on a Jackson Soloist if you feel like it. However, to make this list a guitar needs to be one of the leading selections under a grand. The Jackson SL2 Pro Soloist fits that summary.

The SL2 Soloist includes a 3-piece, though-body maple neck with an alder body. A compound-radius, 24-fret ebony fingerboard, and Floyd Rose tremolo system. This creates the fast, strong framework Soloists are recognized for.

Where a lot of the rock and steel world is guiding towards active pickups? This guitar attribute passive Seymour Duncans, a JB at the bridge and SH-1 at the neck. These pickups offer the guitar a powerful however traditional noise with plenty of character.

Visually, the shades are fundamental, but there is a quite white binding on the neck and also headstock. As well as very great albuminoid piranha inlays fill in the Jackson sharkfins.

The Jackson Pro Series Soloist.

Best Electric Guitars Under 1000

Pros: If you desire a guitar with legendary credibility. And also a classic noise for anything from acid rock to severe metal. You do not need to look any kind of better than the Soloist SL2 Pro.
Disadvantages: A few even more shade options would certainly have been nice. Otherwise, it’s difficult to find fault with this guitar.
Note: There is a great deal of inexpensive, high-quality guitars in the Jackson Pro Series. Stylishly such as the Rhoads, King V, as well as Dinky. Examine them full blast before deciding.

9. Ibanez S series S521. Best Electric Guitars Under 1000

Ibanez guitars are good as a whole, and some of the best guitars for metal. The RG often tends to obtain all the attention. Ibanez is recognized for making terrific steel guitars, specifically for the shred group. The S collection proceeds this tradition. With a slimmer as well as sleeker body style than the RG. Ibanez S guitars are quite amazing in their own right.

The Ibanez Iron Series debuted a couple of years earlier, with some awesome enhancements to the S schedule. The Ibanez Iron Label S-Series SIX is a lovely guitar and also a top choice for under a grand. There is a series of awesome tops, and also with Ibanez pick-ups and hardware. You’ll obtain the great audio and also the efficiency you expect. An amazing guitar at an amazing rate.

The Iron Label Series makes one of the best steel bands on the planet a little even more steel. Several of the special visits are Ibanez Fusion Edge pickups. An Edge-Zero II tremolo, ebony fingerboard, coil tap, and the Nitro Wizard neck.

Ibanez Iron Label S-Series

Best Electric Guitars Under 1000

Pros: This guitar is quick, with hot pick-ups, and also I enjoy ebony fretboards. Shredders can’t request much more. And also it’s an Ibanez, so you recognize it will certainly be assembled with accuracy.
Cons: Definitely geared for the shredder. If that’s fantastic. Otherwise, maybe look somewhere else.
Keep in mind: The Ibanez S Series is an unbelievable team of guitars. However, you also shouldn’t forget the RG Series. There are a number of Ibanez RG versions that will keep you under your spending plan.

10. Gibson SG Tribute. Best Electric Guitars Under 1000

Like Les Paul, the Gibson SG is traditional. I would certainly have enjoyed putting the Gibson Les Paul Tribute on this listing. But sadly, it comes in over our $1000 budget, Not so with the SG Tribute though!

Below Gibson cuts some expenses by avoiding the expensive little bits as well as utilizing some harsh. Yet extremely classy looking ending up techniques. The pick-ups are open-coil 490s. As well as the design is specifically what you ‘d anticipate from a genuine Gibson SG. The body is mahogany, yet the neck is maple.

The SG Tribute only landed so low on my listing due to the fact. That the Standard is just a few hundred bucks extra. It utilized to be that Gibson had genuine Les Pauls as well as SGs around the $700 array. And that was a good deal.

I still believe the SG Faded is an excellent guitar, however, for the price difference. I’d probably suck it up as well as select the Standard.

Guitar Center Reviews the SG Tribute.

Best Electric Guitars Under 1000

Pros: This is a very awesome guitar, and it’s an extremely budget-friendly method to get an actual Gibson.
Cons: As I stated, the price is just also near to the Standard.
Keep in mind: Don’t hesitate to take a look at Epiphone when it involves Les Pauls and also SGs.

Selecting Your New Best Electric Guitars Under 1000.

Some of the pointers over could seem uncommon. However, occasionally you need to take the roadway much less taken a trip.

There are some excellent deals out there. If you take the time to look them out the best electric guitars under 1000. The vital thing is that you pick a guitar with audio and also look you like. Regardless of what it says on the headstock.

Remember that these are just pointers. As constantly, I invite you to do your very own study as well as attract your very own final thoughts. Back in the prior to time, when you wanted to get a brand-new guitar. The first thing you did to begin your quest was to get in your car. As well as drive to the songs store.

Final Thoughts Best Electric Guitars Under 1000

Today, it’s a good idea to do your research in advance. Capitalize on the internet for finding what guitars are around. How much they cost and what individuals are stating about them.

Personally, I don’t assume you can fail with any of the instruments in this evaluation. They are amongst the leading electric guitars for intermediate gamers and above. As well as I wouldn’t advise them if I didn’t believe they were the best out there. As well as terrific values around the Best Electric Guitars Under 1000.

The Player Stratocaster is absolutely one of the best electric guitars under 1000 you’re going to discover. Due to the fact that of its vast range of pick-up mixes. Several players take into consideration the Fender Stratocaster the best all-around guitar out there. The SE Series truly does a great task of bringing every little thing. Players like concerning PRS to an additional level of the guitar player. It’s not a Professional Series guitar, yet it is still a darned great guitar.

Ibanez guitars are good in basic, and some of the best guitars for metal.

All the best with discovering your new guitar!

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